Spanish League: Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

According to Barcelona’s most authoritative source, TV Three, if Barcelona fails to win one of their next two La Liga matches or one of the two, Quiqur Setien will be sacked this week.

According to Rack One, Barcelona President Bartomeu, Eric Abidal, Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau and Vice President Bordeaux met with Barcelona coach KK Setin at his residence today. The current situation of the team and the future of Setin were discussed during the meeting

Kate Radio also confirmed the news of KK Satin’s dismissal. According to the most authoritative Kate Radio, if Barcelona’s performance does not improve in the next few matches, KK Satin will be sacked.

In addition, according to Kate Radio, Barcelona B coach Garcia Pementa will be appointed acting coach for the Champions League matches in August.

About the relationship between KK Satin and the players, KK Satin Said, “It is true that there are always differences in these matters, everyone has their own way of looking at things and it is normal that there will be differences in this situation, I was also not an easy player. No, but our conversation is good.”

Referee Hernandez will officiate the match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, while Matteo Lohaz will be the VAR referee.

Getafe will pay Barcelona 10 million euros for Cucuta. Cucorica was at Getafe on a loan deal, and Barcelona will receive 10% of his next sale.

Barcelona have officially announced the joining of Juventus player Pianch to Barcelona. Pianj will join Barcelona at the end of the season. Barcelona will pay 60 + 5 million euros for Pianj and their release clause will be 400 million euros
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Barcelona have officially announced Arthur Melo’s participation in the unit. Arthur Melo will join Juventus at the end of the season. Juventus will pay Barcelona 72 + 10 million euros for Arthur Melo

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