The father of the emerging wizard bowler of the national cricket team, Abrar Ahmed, seems happy with his son’s outstanding performance

Masha Allah, my son is a Hafiz-i-Quran and he is also mischievous, but now he has grown up. His focus now is only on playing cricket.

Taking 7 wickets against England has given me the second greatest joy in life after memorizing the Quran.” These are the words of Noor Islam, the father of Pakistan’s budding cricketer Abrar Ahmed. Sports in Karachi Abrar Ahmed, who grew up by leaps and bounds, took 7 wickets in the debut match against England in Multan yesterday. It was sure for his brother. While giving an interview to private TV on this occasion, Abrar Ahmed’s brother and father look very happy. were

Abrar’s brother said, “Watching the domestic performance of the brother, I have realized his qualities. I always believed that one day he will definitely play for Pakistan” I tell my son to play to make Pakistan famous, while his father said that seeing his son’s performance today, he realized how well he plays.

Everyone is appreciating it. When he comes, the people of the house and the neighborhood will welcome him together. Abrar Ahmed’s father further said that I tell him to read and play as much as he wants. Play for yourself and to make Pakistan famous.

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