Juventus reached the first position after a thrilling match in the Italian Football League

Rome: The thrilling matches of the Italian Football League are going on, the top team of the league, Juventus, after a one-sided match in the 28th match, defeated Lecce by zero four goals and strengthened the first position.

Due to the Corona epidemic, football fans missed out on the thrilling moments of this exciting match.

Weak team Lacey put up strong resistance in the first half of the match, all four goals were scored in the second half, Diala started scoring for Juventus.

Ten minutes later, Cristiano Ronaldo reduced the score to zero on a penalty shootout, Ronaldo’s 30th goal for Juventus this season.

In the closing moments of the match, Hagen and DeLitt scored one goal each to make Juventus’ victory one-sided.
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Juventus’s position on first spot is now strong and they have 69 points so far in 28 matches.

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