Another honor in the name of Babar Azam.

Former England cricket captain Nasir Hussain has said on Babar Azam’s half-century in the Manchester Test that in the world of cricket, not “Fab Four” but “Fab Five” because now Babar Azam has also joined it.

He added, “Babar Azam is young, he has confidence and style in batting. Everyone is talking about ‘Fab Four’ (the four best batsmen in current cricket) but it is not ‘Fab Four’ but ‘Fab Five’ because Babar Azam is also in it.
Analysts use the term ‘Fab Four’ for the four best batsmen in the world of cricket, and these four batsmen include Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Ken Williamson, and Joe Root.

Comparing with Virat Kohli, he said that if Virat Kohli had played the same innings, everyone would have talked about it but since this time Babar Azam has played, no one is talking about him.

Praising Babar Azam, Nasir Hussain said that Babar is a great player, his average run rate is 68 and he has 55 runs with white ball, he is young, he plays beautifully, he has all the abilities, four best players in the world. They should now talk about the five best players and Babar Azam should join them.

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