Who has dual citizenship in Pakistan Cricket Board?

PCB chairman: Ehsaan Mani

The Pakistan Cricket Board is also under pressure after criticism on the government over dual citizenship, with more than half a dozen officials, including PCB chief executive officer Wasim Khan, holding dual citizenship.

In these circumstances, PCB chairman Ehsan Mani has called an emergency meeting of the governing board on Thursday evening on video link.

PCB spokespersons are calling the meeting informal, but sources say PCB officials will take the Board of Governors into confidence on the issue of dual citizenship. PCB officials are contacting members.

The PCB said that this is an informal meeting in which members will be briefed on the registration of domestic cricket and club cricket.

The PCB is an independent body and its constitution does not apply to any provision regarding dual citizenship and operates in accordance with the approved constitution.

Responsible sources say that PCB chairman Ehsan Mani has a British residency. Chief executive Wasim Khan, directors Nadeem Khan, Thaqleen Mushtaq, who works in the National High Performance, and Pakistan bowling coach Waqar Younis have dual citizenship.

Sources said that two meetings of the PCB Board of Governors have been held this year. Thursday’s meeting is being called at a time when Ehsan Mani and Wasim Khan are on holiday in their respective homes in the UK. After dual citizenship at the federal level, questions are also being raised about the dual citizenship of key board officials.

In an emergency meeting, the chairman can also make important decisions in this regard.
A PCB spokesman said the issue of dual citizenship would not be discussed at the meeting as the PCB’s constitution is silent on dual citizenship.

Sources said that many officers in the PCB are still hiding their dual citizenship because of the constitution of the PCB.

Relations between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the PSL franchises became even more strained.

According to sources, relations between the Pakistan Cricket Board and PSL franchises became more strained while the three teams were removed from the negotiation process for not sharing details of financial obligations and sponsorship agreements.

The franchises had sent a strong e-mail to the board in protest of the last-minute postponement of the scheduled governing council meeting on July 28, prompting the PCB to send a more stern response, refraining from adopting a conciliatory approach.

The letter to the owners expressed frustration over the e-mail style of the franchises and called for a review to move forward, PSL executive Shoaib Naveed said in the e-mail. It was decided that in order to move the negotiations forward, the franchisees would first have to fulfill their financial obligations and submit a sponsorship agreement. The final decision on the dollar rate must be made at the Governing Council meeting.

The letter added that the matter was originally discussed with the franchisees on July 27, shortly after which the PCB requested a meeting with the consultant and the franchisees responded in time to the points raised by the three teams. Has completed its financial obligations and submitted the necessary documents. We are now looking forward to proceeding with them. They will be notified soon. We agree with the franchisees to complete the obligations. Why do teams have to worry about others? Representatives of non-paying teams will no longer be part of any negotiations nor will they be given the opportunity to benefit from a positive decision.