Italian Football League: Juventus beat Lecheco 0-4, occupy the top position

In the Italian Football League, Juventus secured the first position in the points table by defeating Lecce 0-4. The team’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo proved the lead by scoring the 23rd goal of the season.

According to the foreign news agency, the teams of Juventus and Lecce competed in the Italian Serie A. The big match started in a very defensive manner, no goal was scored in the first half. Even against a relatively weak opponent, the Juventus team could not score a goal in the first half.

In the 31st minute, Lecce’s Lucioni was sent off on a red card. After which the team competed against a strong team with a squad of only 10 players, but it came under pressure during this time.

Juventus, a team full of stars, took advantage of the opportunity and intensified their attacks on the opposing team. In the 53rd minute of the match, Debala brought a new twist to the match which made the base on the victory.

Later, the match became interesting when Cristiano Ronaldo doubled the score on a penalty kick. The superstar scored his 23rd individual goal of the season. Haguen and D-Light’s goals helped the score reach four and a big 0-4 win was awarded.

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With the victory, the top position of the Italian club Juventus became stable with a difference of 7 points. Juventus is in the top position in the top league with 69 points. Lazio is second with 62 points and Inter Milan is third with 58 points.

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