Inexperienced bowling attack puts pressure on Yasir Shah.

The Pakistani cricket team has so far been all out for three innings in the current series against England, but the Pakistani bowlers have managed to bowl out England only once.

Be it captain Azhar Ali or team coaches, everyone is trying to dispel the perception of the inexperience of the Pakistani pace attack by saying that the pace attack consists of young bowlers and is very “exciting”.

However, if we look at this excitement in terms of performance, Yasir Shah’s four wickets in both innings of the first Test match at Old Trafford were remarkable.

Muhammad Abbas had two wickets in the first innings and one in the second innings. Naseem Shah and Shaheen Shah Afridi could not take more than one wicket in both the innings. Similarly, in the second Test of Southampton, Muhammad Abbas could not take more than two wickets while Naseem Shah and Shaheen Afridi got one wicket each.

On the first day of the third Test, two of England’s four wickets fell to Yasir Shah, suggesting that he was carrying most of the burden of Pakistani bowling.

Pressure on Yasir Shah.

Pakistan cricket team spin bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed admits that when some of the bowlers involved in the bowling attack are inexperienced and young, the pressure on the senior or experienced bowler in the team increases and so does his responsibility. Gets done Something similar is happening with Yasir Shah.

Mushtaq Ahmed says that when you are playing with young bowlers, you have a double responsibility that you do not have to score and at the same time you have to take wickets. Yasir Shah has been bowling almost all day, spelling 29 overs and heading in the opposite direction of the wind.

Mushtaq Ahmed says that since Yasir Shah is a match-winning bowler, the England batsmen have a plan for him to attack his bowling so that he cannot be set.

In this situation, there was a lot of pressure on Yasir Shah. The coaching staff has been trying to remove this pressure from them. As young bowlers are playing with him, Yasir Shah’s responsibility in this series has also increased.

He said that first Mohammad Aamir and other senior bowlers used to stop the runs, then we could get the attack through Yasir Shah. Today, the England batsmen attacked him because the wind was blowing very fast and the wicket was straight.

Why no other bowler besides Naseem Shah?

Mushtaq Ahmed disagrees that Naseem Shah could have been replaced by another bowler in the third Test instead of playing three in a row.

Mushtaq Ahmed says that even in the first Test, Naseem Shah did not get a chance to bowl much. Naseem Shah must play Test cricket to learn Test cricket. The more difficult conditions he bowls in, the better he will become.

Must be out in the first session.

Mushtaq Ahmed thinks it is very important for England to get out in the first session of the second day. He says that if Pakistani bowlers can bowl England out for 400 runs, then by batting well, the Pakistani team can come to parity in the competition.

The plan is for the coach but it is the player’s job to act.

Mushtaq Ahmed says that the coaches make a plan for the players according to each situation but it is the job of the players to see how they implement this plan on the ground.

“The Pakistan team has played well in all but one session of the first Test. It was a session in which Butler and Vokes played offensive cricket.

He says the coaches are working hard on all the players, especially the young ones. “We believe that these are the players who will win the match for us, so if these players fail, we coaches will take responsibility for it. This is called ownership.”

Mushtaq Ahmed says that since he has played with Imran Khan, he has always considered it important that he has to compete till the end of time and can get out of any difficult situation and has done so. The same thing they are telling the current players.

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