Qatar FIFA World Cup: Big news about Pakistan

Lahore (News Desk) 20,000 volunteers will also serve to make the FIFA World Cup in Qatar a success, whose training has officially started, including a large number of Pakistani volunteers, including 19-year-old Ariba Faisal.

Most of the Pakistanis living in Qatar as well as volunteers from Pakistan have registered themselves with FIFA. Pakistanis who have been selected out of five lakhs are now waiting to accept the role.

Rana Kashif, an active FIFA volunteer in this regard, told Express News that Pakistan’s Ariba Faisal and Ali Shan were formally included as brand members in the Road to Qatar Supreme Committee of Legacy, and FIFA Qatar’s C in the ceremony held last night. EO specially mentioned the volunteer of Pakistan which is an honor for all of us. Last year Pakistanis earned a name by carrying out the duties in Arab Cup and now Pakistani volunteers will be in action in FIFA World Cup.

All the credit goes to the pioneer volunteers of Qatar who inspired the Pakistanis to play their part in the FIFA World Cup and bring glory to the country.

Rana Kashif said that we have created a Facebook group in the name of Pakistani Volunteers Qatar, among the pioneer volunteers of this group are Fahad Ismail, Qaiser Anwar, Kamran Khan Ter Kai, Ali Raza, Ali Shan, Naveed Tahir Khaili, Raheel Habib. , Ijaz, Faisal Humayun, Ahmed, Abdul Basit, Shizar, Zeeshan, Dil Zak, Rana Anwar, Ali Jawad Nasir, Hassan Ali, Ameer Abbasi, Khalid Khanan, Atiq Al Rashid, Idris Ismail, Ali Khan, Abdullah, Ghulam, Abdul Halim Afridi, Amjad Akbar and others are very active.

“We have all individually convinced people that we can’t pass up this golden opportunity to be a part of the world’s most popular game,” said the FIFA volunteer. There will be 64 matches between 32 teams in the FIFA World Cup which will be played in eight stadiums.

30 different roles will be given to the volunteers who will be part of the event, five lakh people from all over the world have registered in it. Rana Kashif appealed to those who are living in Pakistan to send them the volunteers role from FIFA. gone, they must accept it as soon as possible, otherwise people from another country will take over the place.

It should be remembered that the FIFA World Cup is being played by Pakistani football, so on the other hand, the responsibility of security will also be taken care of by the Pakistan Army.