India-England semi-final threat to be affected by rain

The semi-final between India and England in Guyana has been threatened by rain, with rain forecast from dawn to 4pm on match day, June 27.

There is no reserve day for the scheduled semi-final in Guyana, there will be 250 minutes of extra time, India will qualify for the final if the semi-final is washed out.

India will qualify for the final based on their first position in the Super 8 Group One, the ICC held India’s semi-final in Guyana due to the Indian market.

The match is scheduled to start in the morning local time in Guyana which will be evening time in India, the official match time is 1030 AM to 1:40 PM.

Due to rain, the match may be extended to 5.50 minutes in extra time.

Apart from India, if any other team tops Group 1, they play the semi-finals in Trinidad.

There is a reserve day for the semi-final in Trinidad, there is 60 minutes extra time on the scheduled day for the semi-final in Trinidad.

Only 190 minutes are allowed on Reserve Day, there will be no additional time.

Both the teams must bat at least 10 overs to make the semi finals fruitful.

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