Bangladesh Cricket Team Records, History started when Bangladesh defeated Pakistan in World Cup 1999

1st April 1999, several Bangladeshis got up listening to the sweetest item of news for the month. Whoever keeping upped until twelve o’clock at night and also glimpsed history in the making invested the entire night celebrating. They just experienced one of the brightest phases in the background of Bangladesh— Bangladesh beating Pakistan in the 1999 ICC World Cup!

The Bangladesh National Cricket Team, or most typically called the Tigers, is the group that stands for Bangladesh in global cricket matches. The Tigers have actually been playing cricket for over 30 years and also emerged as a solid system that has the capability to defeat any type of cricket-playing country. Recently Bangladesh completed a successful tour in Sri Lanka. [AdSense-B]

The Bangladesh Cricket Board is the regulating body of the Tigers. After being inducted right into the Test playing country fraternity in 2000, Bangladesh came to be a full participant of the International Cricket Council. Currently Bangladesh plays all 3 significant layouts of the game; ODI, Test, and T20. Bangladesh revealed considerable enhancements in all three layouts over the past few years. Recently Bangladesh came successful in their 100th Test suit versus Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh Cricket Team Records, Facts & History

First Appearance in the International Arena– 1979 ICC Trophy in England
Test Status Received– 2000
One-Day Internationals (ODI).
First ODI– vs Pakistan; 31st March 1986.
Matches Played– 324 (as of 29th April 2017).
Success and Defeats– 102 wins as well as 217 beats (0 ties, 5 no results).
Last Match Played– vs Sri Lanka; 1st April 2017.
Globe Cup Appearances– 5 times.
Ideal Position– got to Quarter Finals in the 2015 World Cup.
Highest possible Total– 329/6 vs Pakistan; 17th April 2015.
Least expensive Total– 58 twice vs West Indies and also India.

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team

Many ODI Runs Scored by a Bangladeshi– Tamim Iqbal; 5251 runs.
The majority of ODI Wickets Taken by a Bangladeshi– Mashrafe Mortaza; 224 arches.
Most Dismissals by a Bangladeshi Wicket-Keeper– Mushfiqur Rahim; 173 ODI dismissals.

Test Matches.
First Test– vs India; 13th November 2000.
Matches Played– 100 (since 29th April 2017).
Success and also Defeats– 9 wins as well as 76 beats (15 draws).
Last Match Played– vs Sri Lanka; 15-19th March 2017.
Highest Total– 638 vs Sri Lanka in 2013.
Least expensive Total– 62 vs Sri Lanka in 2007.
The majority of Test Runs Scored by a Bangladeshi– Tamim Iqbal; 3677 runs.
A lot of Test Wickets Taken by a Bangladeshi– Shakib Al Hasan; 176 gates.
The majority of Dismissals by a Bangladeshi Wicket-Keeper– Mushfiqur Rahim; 100 Test terminations.
Twenty-Twenty Internationals (T20).
First T20– vs Zimbabwe; 28th November 2006.

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team

Matches Played– 67 (as of 29th April 2017).
Wins and Defeats– 21 victories as well as 44 beats.
Last Match Played– vs Sri Lanka; 6th April 2017.
World Cup Appearances– 6.
Best Position– 2nd round of 3 T20 globe cups.
A lot of T20 Runs Scored by a Bangladeshi– Shakib Al Hasan; 1208 runs.
Many T20 Wickets Taken by a Bangladeshi– Shakib Al Hasan; 70 wickets.
The majority of Dismissals by a Bangladeshi Wicket-Keeper– Mushfiqur Rahim; 46 T20 dismissals.

History of Bangladesh Cricket.

The background of Bangladesh can be divided right into two durations; the pre-independence background as well as the post-independence background. [AdSense-B]

The Pre-Independence History of Bangladesh Cricket.
The British Era: Cricket was introduced to East Bengal (present-day Bangladesh) by the British in the 18th century. So, the commencement of playing cricket in Bangladesh predates its present-day structure by regarding 2 centuries.
East Pakistan Era: after the partition of 1947, East Bengal came to be East Pakistan. East Pakistan hosted both first-class Test cricket matches. East Pakistan produced 13 first-class teams that took part in the Pakistan residential cricket competitions held between 1954-55 as well as 1970-71 periods.
A worldwide XI team toured East Pakistan in 1961-1962. Then, East Pakistan Governor’s XI. Although cricket groups were developed in East Pakistan, gross marginalization was observed during the inclusion of Bengali cricketers. After the creation of Bangladesh in 1971, the duration finished.

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team

The Post-Independence History of Bangladesh Cricket.

Bangladesh ended up being independent in 1971. And also, the appeal of cricket began growing. Bangladesh took part in several international competitors to become an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Finally, in 1977, the country was provided an Associate Membership by the ICC.

1979 ICC Trophy: through the involvement in 1979 ICC Trophy held in England, Bangladesh revealed its appearance in worldwide cricket. The tournament was held to offer non-Test playing nations a chance to join that year’s globe cup. Bangladesh ended its event by registering 2 victories and also two defeats.

1986 Asia Cup: Bangladesh made Bangladesh’s very first engagement against a full participant of the ICC happened throughout the 1986 Asia Cup. Throughout that event, Bangladesh debuted completely for the worldwide cricket. Bangladesh got approved for the 1986 Asia Cup after its triumph in the South-East Asia Cricket Conference Tournament held in February 1984. Bangladesh vs Pakistan match on 31 March 1986 marks the first ODI match for Bangladesh.

1988 Asia Cup– this is the initial massive cricket event kept in Bangladesh. Bangladesh could not bag a win in the tournament.
First ODI Win– Bangladesh had shed 22 matches straight prior to they asserted their first ODI triumph. It took Bangladesh 12 years for signing up a win. Bangladesh’s initial ODI win came against Kenya.
1997 ICC Trophy– Bangladesh joined the ICC Trophy in the subsequent 1979, 1982, 1986 and also 1994 version. Bangladesh managed to win the 1997 ICC Trophy. After winning the tournament,

Bangladesh received the 1999 World Cup.

1999 World Cup– it’s the initial world cup tournament Bangladesh appeared in. Bangladesh declared their first World Cup win in the event. Bangladesh’s glory in cricket took a brand-new turn when they carried out an amazing triumph over Pakistan.

The fact that Bangladesh playing their very first globe cup competition and also notching up a victory versus a World Cup Champion is itself extraordinary. The victory introduced Bangladesh to the world in such a way. The joyous moments of Bangladesh cricket fans hurrying right into the park and embracing cricketers still etched on cricket fans’ mind. No matter how proclaiming Bangladesh’s cricket background comes to be, this success will certainly be just one of the most gleaming ones!

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team

Test Status– adhering to Bangladesh’s surreal performance in the 1999 World Cup, giving Bangladesh Test condition was just a matter of time. On 26th June 2000, Bangladesh acquired full ICC membership, ending up being the 10th Test playing nation.
First Test Match– Bangladesh appeared in their very first Test match against India on 13th November 2000. Bangladesh published a large total in the very first innings of their very first Test match and also bowled India out by a little margin to the path. Nonetheless, Bangladesh could not repeat the efficiency received the first innings, leading to a collapse as well as losing the suit by 9 gates.

First Test Victory

Losses after losses motivated several to ask whether Bangladesh awaited the longer format of the game. Bangladesh’s Test loss streak ended when Zimbabwe explored Bangladesh in 2005. Bangladesh clinched their very first Test victory in addition to the collection by 1-0.
Success over Australia– “the greatest distress in ODI history,” Wisden described Bangladesh’s triumph over Australia. It was a triangular collection with Australia as well as England adhered to. Bangladesh’s sway Australia by 5 arches gained them the Giant Slayer tag.

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team

New Zealand Tour of Bangladesh– in October 2010, New Zealand explored Bangladesh for 5 one-day internationals. Bangladesh showed large dominance over the site visitors as well as secured the ODI collection by 4-0. The collection victory against New Zealand notes Bangladesh’s initial collection victory versus a full toughness cricket nation.

2011 World Cup– Bangladesh co-hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup with India as well as Sri Lanka. Although Bangladesh was able to beat England, Ireland as well as the Netherlands, the country registered their least expensive ODI total with the defeat to West Indies.
2012 Asia Cup– Bangladesh hosted the competition and also got to the final beating India and Sri Lanka. The finalist awaited Bangladesh was Pakistan. Bangladesh came so near defeating Pakistan as well as disappointed 2 runs.

The Current Stat of Bangladesh Cricket.

Complying with Bangladesh’s win-less streak as well as multiple collection beats, when everyone ended up being cynical of the country’s cricketing future, Bangladesh Cricket is now revealing why it is still a highly possible side.

Bangladesh’s possibility is once more presented completely delight in the 2015 World Cup. Bangladesh reached the Quarter Finals worldwide Cup Tournament defeating Afghanistan, Scotland, and also England.

You can find below a video of the Best Catches in history all time “Bangladeshi Fielders Best Catches in histoy All time

Pakistan’s Tour of Bangladesh: after finishing an effective world mug objective, Bangladesh dealt with Pakistan for a full-fledged collection back in the home. Although Pakistan claimed the Test collection by 1-0, Bangladesh glossed over Pakistan in the ODI series by 3-0. Bangladesh also claimed the T20 series.

India’s Tour of Bangladesh– Bangladesh’s gigantic slaying really did not quit with Pakistan. Bangladesh additionally claimed the reciprocal collection held against India by 2-1. With the ODI collection win against India, Bangladesh won three bilateral collection back to back. Bangladesh took care of to eliminate all the uncertainty as well as closed down the critiques.
Bottom Line– Bangladesh’s cricketing history of late is a history of invincibility, superiority, and persistance.

It’s Bangladesh‘s persistence to be the very best represents the resolute perspective. The Tigers still have a long way to go though. Preserving the existing development, and promoting the very best will definitely bring the World Cup to this riverine country eventually.