About us

WhatCricket is a brand owned by WhatCricket Networks (Private) Limited.
Founded in 2017, Whatcricket is aim to provide most of international and local cricket news and reviews as well as other sport events and it is set to make a notable impact in sports industry.

whatcricket.com is a cricket-based website covering all the latest happenings and developments in the world of cricket. The WhatCricket team is a bunch of young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals with one common love- Cricket. Most of the WhatCricket Networks team works from its dressing room in Punjab.

whatcricket.com website is the home of international, domestic cricket and T20 leagues that are played around the world. We build up for the matches with previews and settle it with match reports, reactions over the match, the talking points of the game, statistical highlights, and rate players for their performances in the report card.

With a team of passionate cricket fans, we have created our own niche in this sector which was otherwise considered to be for ruled by the bigger names. Our USP is the unique content that we host for our readers, along with the statistics-based articles that engulf the records owned and the latest created. Listicles- the list articles is a wide range of content relatable to the new age readers who like easy to read and quick to digest content.

All in all, WhatCricket breathes in new life in the cricket website segment which was just pumped with information until we arrived and coined in a new jargon ‘infotainment’ information with an involved angle of entertainment in it.

WhatCricket Networks (Private) Limited.