Espas’s goal prevented Barcelona from winning

The path of Barcelona football club in Spanish La Liga is becoming difficult. In Saturday night’s match, his opponent was drawn with Celta Vigo by 2-2 goals. In the last minute of the match, Ego Espas saved his team from defeat by scoring a brilliant goal.

Barcelona Football Club lost 2 points, although it is still in the top position, but Real Madrid has a lead of 2 points.

There was a golden opportunity to do.
From the beginning of the match, Barcelona Football Club maintained its dominance. In the 7th minute, star player Luis Suarez scored the first goal for his team and the score was zero till the first half.

One that lasted until the whistle blew. In the 7th minute of the second half of the match, Celta Vigo’s Smolov equalized and scored one by one. Barcelona Football Club then launched their attacks, winning in the 8th minute. Luis Suarez once again scored the second goal for his team and the score was 2-1.
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Barcelona’s hopes of victory were dashed by Diaz, which cost Barcelona 2 points and shattered their hopes to remain ok the top of the pointa table.

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